Laura Hicks, LLPC

Limited Licensed Counselor

I am EMDR trained and work with teens and adults experiencing trauma and other stressors, anxiety, and depression.

Do you feel like you are a tangled mess tied into a giant knot thrown into a dark corner? Are you not sure where to start but know you want help? Are you starting on a new or exciting phase in life but instead of feeling happy, you just want things to go back to the way they were? I know it can feel so frustrating, wanting to live, and parts of you are holding you back.

I believe each person has within them the ability to move toward wellness under the right conditions. I consider each person an expert on themselves. I use therapies and techniques based on these beliefs and which support empowerment in those who enter my therapeutic space.

I received training and supervision in Somatic and Attachment-Focused (SAFE) EMDR at the PTI Institute in Ann Arbor, MI in 2022, an EMDR International Association approved training organization. I have practiced Internal Family Systems in my own therapy and in my own life. I have read books by its founders and experts. I have completed webinars composed by its experts and founder. I have NOT completed the Level 1 training and cannot claim to be an IFS clinician.

I trained through Geek Therapeutics to become a Therapeutic Game Master! Game play in a group setting can be a little less intimidating than sitting in a circle sharing feelings, while still getting the therapy benefit. Yes, it’s still therapy! I use various therapeutic approaches, including Narrative, ACT, and some IFS-informed.