Nick Thielmann

Providing a safe space, being entrusted with vulnerability, and bearing witness to healing is an inspiring and mutually rewarding experience. Therefore, a good relationship is the first priority in therapy. I realize that successful treatment begins with a strong therapeutic rapport. This focus allows clients to feel safe and understood, which is a strong catalyst for progress towards healing and achieving goals.

I recognize how adverse experiences impact functioning and happiness in everyday life. Distress related to normal everyday stressors, trauma through abuse and neglect, childhood attachment disruptions, or a single catastrophic event will be addressed as well as problem solving and life’s daily challenges including depression and anxiety.

I have passion for minimizing heartache, increasing resilience, and changing mental health trajectories. Using client centered approaches with expertise in how the mind, body, and spirit are affected by distress, I am able to address issues in a calm and relaxing environment that is comfortable for clients.