Life Coaching

Coaching is a distinct psychological specialty, which provides positive, affirmative behavioral interventions to individuals, families, and teams seeking to improve their lives or their performance.  Coaching and Psychotherapy have many similarities; both utilize specialized knowledge of human behavior to work toward a healthier lifestyle and increased success and well-being.  Psychotherapy is a treatment for mental or emotional disorders. This treatment can be highly effective, and uses the therapist/patient relationship, along with psychological techniques, to bring about healing in a meaningful way.  Coaching is a process of guidance for the creation and reaching of specific goals. A Coach acts as an advisor and guide and aligns with the client to deal with difficulties.

Signs you could benefit from a coach:

  • You are a professional looking for balance or to polish your leadership skills

  • It’s been awhile since you have felt “in love” with your spouse

  • You are unsure why you continue to be overlooked at work, or see a pattern of difficulty with colleagues

  • You are a teen searching for your place in life – dealing with school, friends, parents.

  • Your small business could benefit from organization

  • The same barriers continue to come up again and again

  • You are thinking about a transition, such as college, marriage, career change, or change in habit.

  • You are finding it difficult or overwhelming to organize a space or begin a goal.

An initial consultation will assess your appropriateness for services. Treatment services will be tailored to address your unique needs and goals. Mitzi Tompkins, MA and Nicole Slagor, MA are specialized in providing coaching services here at THRIVE.