Mitzi Kalin
Mitzi KalinTherapist, PsyD, LP
Dr. Kalin serves men and women across the lifespan, blending theories from the areas of cognitive, emotional, and psychoanalytic areas of psychology.
Sandra Dennis
Sandra DennisTherapist, MA, LLM
Sandy has specialized training in EMDR Therapy and Imago Relationship Therapy. She applies these and other effective treatments to relationships, family, business, and personal growth.
Sue Murray
Sue MurrayMA, MS, CFLE, LMFT
Sue is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, specializing in work with families and children. She offers the Prepare-Enrich Inventories for premarital and marital couples, including those couples wanting to work specifically on parenting issues.
Nicole Slagor
Nicole SlagorMA LLPC
Therapist and nutritional psychology coach
Nicole specializes in a holistic approach to therapy, which includes addressing both the underlying emotional and physiological aspects of mental health.
Panankosi Mbunjwa
Panankosi MbunjwaM.DIV, LMSW, CAADFC, SUD Therapist
I am a passionate, personable and compassionate helping professional who finds joy in helping people reclaim their lives from the problems of life. I employ creativity and teamwork, compassion, and strongly believe in human dignity as a necessity for service provision.
Claudia Pozo
Claudia PozoLPC
Claudia has a profound love and passion for working with people in this field. She believes that through empathy, understanding, and some carefully chosen tools many people can overcome great struggles. She believes in creating a partnership in therapy and aims to make a space where people feel comfortable working towards goals together.