Angi Scoggin


Maya Angelou said, “We do the best we can until we know better; and when we know better, we do better”. ALL relationships (families, couples, parent/child, siblings) need strength in three key areas: friendship, conflict management, and shared meaning. This means every relationship should have a foundation of friendship to build upon but if we don’t know why we “do what we do”, we are unable to build the foundation we need. Using different therapeutic styles such as Gottman, Imago, Acceptance & Committment Therapy, and Attachment Theory, Angi assists clients in identifing and changing their troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Angi specialize in families, couples, marriages, sexuality within relationships, intimacy, and sexual education for adults, teens and adolescents. Learning about our attachments, love languages, communication and development so each person can be their best self.

Are you having with your partner, spouse, (adult) parents, friends, siblings? Everyone has different communication styles, attachment styles, & love languages and each relationship we have is reflective of those developments. To understand why we “sound like our parents” or where those beliefs come from – we have to understand our own childhood & caregivers.

Educational background:
2023 – Evergreen Certifications
Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional
Training with Dr. Tammy Nelson
2022- NorthCentral University
Post Masters Certification in General Family Therapy, focus on Couples therapy
2019 – NorthCentral University
Masters in General Psychology, MFT foundational program