Mitzi Kalin, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Kalin is the founder and owner of Thrive Psychology and a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan.

Dr. Kalin divides her time between clinical practice, clinician supervision, writing, educating and directing a team of passionate, skilled therapists and consultants. She serves men and women across the lifespan, blending theories from the areas of cognitive, emotional and psychoanalytic areas of psychology.

“From connection to treatment to instilling new strengths, therapy can be a powerful way to address difficulties and come away stronger, with a new respect for self.  A strong area of focus is the healing and empowerment of men and women within expanding roles in contemporary society.  Today’s woman finds herself attempting to successfully fill multiple roles, including professional, caretaker, breadwinner, and partner. Expectations of men today demand more direct caretaking roles while continuing to carry financial responsibilities. What do balance and contentment look like in her unique circumstance? How does he garner respect at work and home? (Spoiler alert:  I do believe the old adage that you can, in fact, ‘Have your cake and eat it too.’)

Educational background:

PsyD., Clinical Psychology Focus
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Professional affiliations:
Certification, The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

Member, American Psychological Association (APA)